The Remote Synchronisation Tool
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  • What Is It?
    remosync is a file synchronisation program that can mirror two directories either on the local disk or across a network. It identifies files that have changed by running a CRC check on each file if the CRC's are different then it will copy the file from the source directory to the destination directory. Network file copying is built in so it needs no external programs.

    How does it work?
    remosync is designed to be run from scripts, all settings can be supplied either on the command line or in a configuration file. A default config file is specified in the code itself but an additional config file can be specified on the command line. Options specified on the command line override both config files. Read the documentation provided with the source for full details of what the configuration and command line options are.

    Is it secure?
    At the moment, not really! The server (when run in client server mode) will only allow incoming network connections from a specified list of IP addresses, however, when files are copied over the network they are not encrypted in any way. Encryption or perhaps the use of an external copying program such as scp will come later.

    Will it work on my system?
    Remosync is written in ANSI C so should compile on most operating systems, I have successfully compiled it under Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris with GCC and would be interested in hearing about any other operating systems that it has successfully compiled under.

    How fast is it? Speed is always pretty subjective but on a recent test a scan of roughly 180000 files took about an hour - this was just a 'consistency check, no files actually needed copying. Rsync (a very similar tool that I'm sure you're all familiar with) took about 4-5 hours (I got bored and went home!) to complete the same scan!
    I'm not going to put rsync down - it's a wonderful tool and I'm sure that when files do need copying it'd be far quicker than remosync.